Location: 45 King Street, Hamilton, HM19 Bermuda

Common Conditions We Treat

Our Physiotherapists are specifically trained and highly specialized to work with people affected by a wide range of conditions and symptoms

  • Sports Injuries
  • Orthopedic Conditions - such as neck and back pain
  • Painful conditions - such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury and tendonitis
  • Oncology/Cancer
  • Lymphedema and other conditions causing swelling
  • Neurological Conditions – such as strokes and spinal cord injury
  • Trauma - such as road traffic accidents or surgery
  • Pelvic Floor Issues - such as incontinence, pain, weakness, pre/post-natal
  • Balance and gait disorders - such as vertigo and falls risk
  • Ergonomic injuries and assessments
  • Deconditioning